Compix SideKick Now Shipping!

We are thrilled to announce that Compix SideKick is now shipping globally!


Born out of continuous demands from our customers working in challenging field and mobile applications, Compix SideKick is a “pick up and go” portable chassis option that can be added to the following full-size turnkey products:

Bring on the Bruisings! 

We thought of all the harsh environments our customers may be working in, especially the globe-trotting folks who travel extensively for sports, concerts, and live-breaking news coverage. We understand that when you are on the move constantly, shipping desktop systems back and forth just becomes impractical, unreliable and quite expensive. That’s why we engineered SideKick to be a completely self-contained portable workstation with a reinforced, lightweight aluminum chassis.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s proof. 

Here is Matthias, Director of Ops – we happened to catch him during one of his “testing” sessions.

We mean what we say!

For more information about Compix SideKick, please contact our sales at or call +1 949 585 0055 during our office hours 8am to 5pm PDT.


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