Sports Branding for Everyone!

The Big League Graphic Look…

Without the big league price! Every sports outlet should be able to have the same video-look available as the big network guys, without having to break the bank to afford it. With an amazingly flexible and intuitive user interface, creating exciting broadcast quality graphics is extremely easy for all levels of expertise. You can bring in Adobe Photoshop™ elements, giving you the ultimate flexibility for your scores and stat pages layout and look. In addition, the unlimited import of TGA, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIF files allow team logos and player pictures to be incorporated into your playout templates with ease. Animations can also be easily built into your look with the import of Targa sequences with alpha channel for that big league graphic look.

Make Major League Improvements in Your Sportscasts

Compix SportsBrander™ scores big with great features to keep your audience turned in to the latest stats and scores happening before their eyes live at the stadium or at home. Exactly the same information that appears on your scoreboards can now be instantly duplicated and displayed on any of your video feeds in real time. SportsBrander™ includes the ability to connect to your Daktronics™, OES™, and TransLux-Fairplay™ scoreboards and automatically update and display any information available on the scoreboard. This includes any of your game clocks and shot clocks that can process down to 10ths of a second with amazing response time. SportsBrander makes the magic happen, completely hands free, without the need for an additional CG crew.

Close Up and Personal – Or Not

Probably one of the most amazing things about watching a sporting event on television, instead of actually being there to see the event in person, is the level of close up, detailed information the televised event offers the viewer. And one of the most important things in the televised event to the viewer is the graphics. Of course, in a stadium, the big screens will have lots of stuff going on, too, with dancing bears and replays and hotdog deals. Plus the scoreboard will always let us know who is winning and by how much.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing my personal space with 70,000 of my closest friends does have its charms, but sometimes it is even more fun to be the potato and eat my own hotdogs and popcorn in the comfort of my own couch.

Plus, there is nothing like the instant and constant updating of the on-screen scores and stats during a game that makes the game even more interesting to watch and a much more personal event.

SportsBrander Makes It Easy

The new Compix SportsBrander provides much-needed functionality at an amazing price point and is available in analog, SD-SDI, and HD versions as an out-of-the-box turnkey solution. The system can also be upgraded to a full-featured Compix CG at a nominal cost.

Our standard playout interface is included in all of our SportsBrander models. With its logically placed controls, graphic artists or playback operators of all levels can recall and play graphics in manual or automatic modes. All standard video resolutions from analog to high definition are supported.

Easy to connect, easy to configure, even easier to operate, and friendly to your budget, the SportsBrander makes a big league graphic look a lot easier and affordable for everyone.


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