More About Compix Persona

Compix Persona’s VirtualOverlay™ technology enables real-time creation of multiple and independently controlled virtual pages. These pages can be composited into a single physical channel. You can output a ticker, a station ID, a lower third, and video clip at the same time and all from a single key and fill output channel.

VirtualOverlay Explained

Every VirtualOverlay™ is completely independent from each other, making it Virtual Overlaysextremely easy to control. Fixed location objects such as clocks, timers, and station logos can remain on the output and operate without disruption. You can now create up to six independent virtual layers of motion-filled graphics and pre-composite them virtually, with the result appearing on only one physical output.

Crosspoints are Expensive!

This new innovative technology can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars by combining the functionality of six character generator systems into one.

The use of Compix Persona with VirtualOverlay can also free up valuable resources in switcher M/Es and DSKs, by combining the graphic elements prior to being mixed with video sources. Crosspoints that would otherwise have to be assigned to various graphics layers can now be re-purposed to other sources, allowing for a more rich and varied production. And of course, for each graphics channel that can be pre-composited, two physical crosspoints can be saved, one for each graphic fill layer and the other for every graphic key signal. So the savings can be even greater than originally considered!

Every Element on the Timeline

Every VirtualOverlay has its own timeline and includes unlimited object layers such as 3D, images, logos, channel IDs, lower thirds, over-the-shoulder graphics, and text crawls and clips. And each VirtualOverlay layer has it’s own timeline effects, these can include an unlimited combination of  rotation, slant, scale, pivot, crop, color, and opacity, plus 3D movement around all x, y and z axis. Total flexibility and infinite modification of key frames, timing controls, and previewing animations are also featured.

Total Control

Still or animated logos, channel IDs, lower thirds, scoreboards, over-the-shoulder graphics, text crawls and other graphic elements can be quickly and easily  inserted or taken off at your fingertips. Each VirtualOverlay™ has its own sequencer, making it easy to toggle among several pages during live operation.



On Air Made Easy

Each VirtualOverlay can also quickly and easily be inserted or taken out with Compix Persona’s LiveAction™ keyboard, which comes standard with all Compix Persona systems. The commands that are readily accessible from this dedicated, clearly labeled, color-coded custom keyboard allow operators to quickly control the VirtualOverlay display and all graphic page output controls.

The Bottom Line

Building additional pages on top of your default page and outputting them all simultaneously using only one physical channel can save you tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for purchasing multiple channels or chassis of additional CG’s, while simplifying the use of other video mixing equipment.

For more information on Compix Persona and VirtualOverlays, check out our tutorials at or contact us at (949) 585-0055. Till next time!


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