Why Are We the World’s Most Affordable Broadcast Graphics?

That is our slogan. It is on our brochures and business cards. But what does it really mean to be the “World’s Most Affordable Broadcast Graphics” company? At Compix, we think it boils down to three things: the monetary value you receive from our products, the ease of use of our products, and the after sales expenses you, the customer, should be aware of up front.

The monetary value of our products are especially important to all of our end users. Even though the recession is slowly on track for a rebound, the shake up in the video industry in the last several years has changed the value proposition of so many things that customers can and will spend money on. What used to be considered must-have necessities in video production equipment are now being re-considered as luxuries that can be cut from the budget, with the most important features and capabilities taking center stage over smoke and mirrors. This means real value in functionality for each dollar spent.

“Ease of use” is a little tricky to attribute a value to, but it all boils down to time, and time is, well, money. Our products feature capabilities, tips, tricks and shortcuts that not only make them a snap to learn and master, but also keep the basic user requirements fresh for your users that don’t operate your video equipment on a full time or consistent basis. Training costs can be a hidden can of worms for any sophisticated piece of technical equipment, and in the case of Compix products, we really shine here. While the competition may claim ease of use and a short learning curve, these claims deserve a closer look. More often than not, many CG companies will suggest – or even require – a certain amount of on-site training or commissioning for the purchased product. These on-site sessions are billed at thousands of dollars for the total of the sessions, plus the travel, lodging and per-diem expenses. This can add a bundle to the bottom line of that affordable system when it comes times to place the order.

At Compix, we look at training in a different way. We really encourage our new and experienced users to take advantage of our online tutorials, or to call our free-for-life 24/7 technical support line for quick or urgent questions and issues, and to take advantage of our very low-cost training sessions. Compix believes in making our products easy to use, easy to implement and easy on your wallet, with no hidden costs.

I just mentioned our free for life 24/7 technical support. Let me explain this. Another lurking cost most CG manufactures will include in the final purchase price is an ongoing maintenance contract, one that will cost you a percentage of the original purchase price for the lifetime of the product. And that can really add up. It is another expense that Compix does not think you should have to pay to be an effective and satisfied user of our products. Our Freedom Support Plan guarantees you free software updates for life, a real live person at the end of the phone for technical support, and 24/7 emergency support. The cost of all of this is included in the original purchase price.

So when we say we are “The World’s Most Affordable Broadcast Graphics”, this is what we mean. Until next time!


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