After NAB 2011

Wow, another huge NAB convention in Las Vegas has come and gone! With thousands of vendors showing their products, and tens of thousands of customers viewing them, it is the biggest meeting and collection of television and video professionals in the world. Trends this year look pretty much on track with where our industry has been heading for the last several years. Here are a couple of quick snapshots of some of them.

Stereo 3DTV took more of a back seat on the show floor, and while there are more products and services dedicated to creating and distributing this format of viewing material, there did seem to be a much smaller sampling of vendors leading with 3D as “the big thing” right now. Lighter and smaller glasses for viewing 3D screens and screens with wider viewing angles, but it still looks like most of us are waiting to see “no glasses required” displays before we are going to buy into 3D in a big way. These displays may still be a year or two down the road before they reach the consumer level of affordability.

Mobile TV in the US is moving ahead at a steady pace, with more and more broadcasters embracing different methods and technologies to get handheld TV and mobile content anywhere into the hands of people everywhere. This is the next step for broadcast companies to keep their traditional viewers tuned in to their content and advertisers.

Cloud computing with file sharing, storage, manipulation and distribution is another big buzz this year and the industry is still searching for business models and bandwidth to catch up to the hype, while back down here on the ground there are a lot of changes going on in traditional workflows and solutions.

Big changes in traditional video production product configurations and pricing are really starting to affect this industry – forever. Integrated solutions, or “television stations in a box”, are now being offered by more and more companies, with video switchers, multi-viewers, servers and graphics all included in a single platform. (See my 3/14/11 blog entitled “One Size Fits All” for some thoughts on some the good and bad points with these solutions.) There is no doubt that this decades mantra for content creation and distribution will be “a lot more for a lot less,” and this year’s NAB really showed this to be truer than ever.

On that note, at Compix we have introduced our next generation graphics platform called Persona, and as always with Compix products, its benefits include advanced features, ease of use, and pricing that bring a new level of CG to the market at an unbelievable price point.   With up to 6 virtual overlays in a single channel of output, 2D/3D object creation and import, timeline effects, clip support and more, Persona sets a new level of expectation for the standalone CG market. More information, including promos, show reels and brochures can be seen here on our web site. As always we are ready to help answer your questions about any of our products, and provide you with the service that Compix is famous for. More on Compix Persona next time!


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