Regular Old Analog TV is Alive and Well!

A lot of our customers have state-of-the-art HD systems or digital standard definition installations. Despite this, folks continue to use basic traditional analog TV systems that are just right for their needs.

The dust has just settled after the video industry’s rush to convert to HD, and we are already staring off into 3D space with funny-looking glasses on our faces and wondering what will happen next.

But, a funny thing has happened along the way to the “next big thing” in TV. What now you ask? Well, it is our good old friend – regular old analog color TV.

However, a funny thing has happened along the way to the next big thing in TV. “What now?” you ask. Well, it is our good old friend – analog color TV. In many places and applications, there remains a significant use for analog video. Why? The answer is simple: it still works.

Analog is All Over the Place

In every country, community, and marketplace throughout the world, a large portion of broadcast and media-focused organizations will remain analog either because they have an economic reason, or the format effectively serves their needs. Because analog TV still works just fine, there is still a strong need for analog broadcast-quality systems.

Regular Old TV is Still OK

The reason analog TV survives is because it provides an acceptable level of quality that has been enjoyed for years and is still perfectly usable today. Long before people started watching compressed HD signals from Blu-ray, cable, and over-the-air broadcasts, they were watching regular old standard definition signals on widescreen TVs, thinking it was high definition. The signal being watched has actually been the same for years; it has just been stretched out to fill up widescreen TVs. There is nothing wrong with this! As the saying goes, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. Good old fashioned TV is not broken, it’s just not the latest tech.

Give Me an “A” for Analog!

There will continue to be a strong market demand for  analog television products, including character generators. Compix is committed to providing high-quality, intuitive and affordable analog solutions for as long as people need them.

Feel free to check out our SD-SDI and HD line of products, too! Until next time!


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